Dear Everyone,


Common sense is dead, murdered by STUPIDITY, in particular the stupidity of politicians worldwide. Why blame politicians? Because they’re the people who put into place the laws that continue to uphold  —


EXCESSIVE HEALTH AND SAFETY in all areas of our lives 


I mourn the loss of common sense in Britain. Our government, (whichever party happens to be in), our laws, councils, NHS, emergency services, jobs, schools, utility companies, welfare system – every single aspect of life in Britain is tainted by the absence of common sense. To the average Joe/Jo it’s frustrating and perplexing. We’re shackled by regulations and procedures that make no sense. We’re bound by rules and conditions that serve no conceivable purposes. We’re led a merry dance by the whims of idiot authorities, agencies and organisations that work to their own agendas (in which common sense has no part to play).


So what’s the aim of this blog? To provide an outlet for all the frustrations resulting from the lack of common sense. I’ll be writing articles as and when I can, but seeing as I’m mental and find concentration difficult, hopefully there’ll be guest bloggers who are more focused and articulate than me. I’ll also be posting reblogs and links when I come across anything interesting and relevant to this blog.

Polite debate is welcome, but any comments containing personal insults or any other form of nastiness will be DELETED.


Love Dotty xxx 


  1. Dear Dotty,
    I ♥ you.
    Lovely blog.
    Love, Lis

  2. Murdered by COMPLACENCY who is in league with STUPIDITY, twins you might say…
    P.S. You go right on and call me Bitchpig xxx

  3. Dear Dotty, I am so with you on this! It’s all to do with the plot to dis enable our natural instincts. Very soon we will evolve to have none. Jen

  4. Dear Dotty,
    Pssst. Over here. It’s the Melancholically Manic Mouse. Shhhhh. This is supposed to be my “real” identity or my “professional blog” or whatever, you know, to spiff up my image.

    I miss you lots and hope you’re alright. I really do miss your righting and I along with Sailor, Sara, Le Clown and THAM send you loads of hugs!

    …. And cumberland sausages!


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